Drum Sticks and Beginner Tips

One of the most popular instruments among my friends and is in the background of almost every piece of music is the drums.  Even in electronic music you will usually find a drum beat or something with a cymbal in it.  Catching up with Spencer Smith I got to sit at his drum set and get my first lesson from him.  Let me tell you, learning drums in the beginning was a very hard thing to do because I struggle with limb independence.  After I got the basics down though, it was very gratifying and I started to have fun with it.

My First Drum Lesson

Drum Lesson and Tips for Your First Time

Now I was just curious about the drums and never had a burning desire to play the drum set.  It was much easier for me to use someone else’s to see if I would enjoy playing or not.  Drum sets are very expensive and take up a lot of room.  If you aren’t 100 percent sure you want to take home this instrument, find someone locally to see if you fall in love with it. Here is a resource for picking out a drum set: http://musicnuke.com/best-online-drum-lessons-beginners.   If you are shy or want to pony up some dough, go with a second hand drum set or electronic drum set for starters.  This will give you a great deal of satisfaction.

Next thing you want to pick up is some drum sticks with will mostly be labeled with a letter and a number.  This means the type of drum stick you will purchase.  You will find some of these different selections when you go shop: 3S, 2B, 5B, 5A, and 7A.  Spencer recommends that you go to a music store to feel each in your hand because every player has a different preference.  While you are out, try to sit in different drum thrones or seats.  This will be your best friend when you have a long practice session.

Warm Up and Play Some Basic Rudiments

One thing that you have to keep in mind with the drums are that it takes a lot of physical activity.  Make sure to give yourself a good stretch and warm-up before you get into any routines.  Injury isn’t worth it guys.   In the video about I have a guide on how to hold your drum sticks.  There is more to it than just wrapping your hands around them.  Also, you will find that there are more than just one type of grip.  Learn the good habits first before you move on.

When you warm up and to get the hang of the drums, Spencer had me practice with learning a very few rudiments.  You can think of a rudiment like the basic building blocks of drumming.  They are basic drum patterns that you alternate to get use to playing the drum.  Below is a video of some of the most basic rudiments that you learn and over time you can get to more advanced drumming.  So, now that you have a basic overview on how to get started with the drums.  Go have some fun and let us know how much fun you are having.


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