Easy Singing Lessons for Beginners

I have always wanted to learn how to sing but have always lacked motivation to get started.  I think now is the time to get my voice in better shape.  My reasons may be different from other people.  First, I do not want to be a professional singer and just enjoy music.  I will be mainly learning to sing a long with some of my favorite songs with or without friends.  My last round at karaoke let me know that I needed some help, drunk or not.

beginner singing tips

Singing Better with a Few Easy Steps

The first steps in singing better are simple and easy and why shouldn’t they be?  This shouldn’t be hard and I have noticed these easy steps will help us get to a better level and have helped me.  Before anything else it is important to relax your body.  If you have tense muscles and poor posture, you will ultimately not be able to sing as well as when you have a loose relaxed body.  Your throat and most importantly the larynx needs to be relaxed and warmed up to produce beautiful notes.  This goes for the rest of your body as well.  Your diaphragm should relaxed so it can support the notes that you sing.  It is explained here http://www.snagmusic.com/tips-on-how-to-sing-better and you will find other tips to help you.

How do you feel more relaxed in your own body?  Sit down in a comfortable chair or recliner that you have around the house.  Focus on your breathing while you relax the muscles in your body.  It is great if you meditate before you start your breathing exercises as well.  Now, place your hands on your diaphragm and focus on pushing air into this region and then pushing the air back out.  This is where your air will go while you sing and should feel natural.  If it does not feel natural yet, keep practicing.  Over time while you relax, you will find it to feel more and more natural so keep at it.

Improve Your Voice With Diet Changes

Another way to change your singing results which has been changing my own diet.  This may not seem apparent but what we drink and eat will affect our instrument.  Think about milk and dairy products for example.  When you drink a lot of dairy or eat it, it builds phlegm inside your system which is probably one of the more problematic things.  Other foods to watch out for are sugary drinks.  Sugary drinks will end up drying out your throat and ultimately your voice.  This will have a negative impact on your singing for 24 hours or more depending on how much sugar you consume.

If you enjoy having an adult beverage like beer or wine, save it for after the performance.  This will reduce the amount of gas inside of you which for obvious reasons will be a bad idea.  Wine will have the same impact as sugary drinks and dry out your voice.  Make sure to drink plenty of water and steer clear of these drinks around practice and performance and you will notice a huge difference in your singing.  These tips may seem obvious, but it is the little things that will make the biggest difference when singing.  Take the time to practice during the week and a great music resource for you if you have singing questions is Kevin McClintock.  He has helped with my music development so give him a try.


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